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nai Issue 03 [Ebook + Video]

Exclusive Behind the scenes+ Exclusive Behind the scenes (19.33)


PUBLISHER : Euphorbia

AUTHOR : nai

RELEASE DATE : 2 Sep 2022


PAGE : 337 P.   SIZE : 176 MB.

UPDATE : 2 Sep 2022



~4.54 Stars / 13 PEOPLES


Editor talk First of all, I must sincerely say that “Thank you for supporting Nai, the newcomer of the online book market. and the flow that comes out I was really shocked. Because I didn't expect to receive such a good response, I don't think … of course it puts a lot of pressure on me to work to try to get the best quality of the work. and hope to receive a response And good encouragement continues to be good.” …Let's come to 'Nai', the 3rd issue. There is a story that I want to tell everyone. This event must be said that I am very grateful to 'Toto'. I have to say that this model really is. is another model that I dew and before the shoot in the next few hours Nong had called to postpone the photoshoot due to some force majeure. This work is played by eight sides. Because in a few hours we have to do a photoshoot. but have to find a way to get together like a lightning At that time, when no one was really out of the way, suddenly a phone call came in. By the end of the line was 'Toto', so I stubbornly asked my sister, "Are you interested in a photoshoot? Where are you going tomorrow?" To which "Toto" said, "I'm not going anywhere tomorrow. I'm going to go to the gym The photoshoot section If it's your job You can take a photo. counter believe his craftsmanship Where is tomorrow and what time is it? I'll fight tomorrow.” At that time, I was like I was very relieved. And after hanging up, share the location of the photoshoot. ready for appointment And then quickly inform the stylist that there will be a change of style, something happened… which the elder said, "It's okay, we'll help each other" …The morning of the photoshoot started, 'Toto' came a little later than the appointed time. Although Ban Nong and the shooting location, although not very far away But the car is quite stuck My sister is not used to the route in Bangkok. because just moved down When we arrived, we introduced 'Toto' to our team members and started working. Let's just say that today's photoshoot went well. Although during the day it rains from time to time. causing work to halt But trying to speed up to finish as soon as possible. This event, "Toto", said that "the figure may not be very good", but with a height of 188, Luke looks like a top model. The stylist even gave a compliment. Along with the style of posting, although there are some stumbles because the younger is not very good at sexy photo shoots. But it worked out well. satisfactory Even though there are some shots that I know that you may be embarrassed, but keep it and try to do this work as best as possible… This work, I have given my heart to you since the decision to take a model for me. And the style of shooting in which "Toto" works out as well as the elders are satisfied, even if the person tries to say that the figure is not good... …And this work that I would like to thank again is First day of shooting The selected pictures were not enough for the number of pictures placed in the book, so I called 'Toto' to ask for some more pictures. Which is fine. and cooperate as usual and made the 3rd edition of 'Nai' work as beautiful as I had intended. …Hope the readers who follow 'Nai' will see the effort. And the intention of 'Toto' and the team. Finally, I would like to leave this work and please follow 'Toto', this dear sister of mine!!!