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nai Issue 04 [Ebook + Video]

Exclusive Behind the scenes+ Exclusive Behind the scenes (18.58)


PUBLISHER : Euphorbia

AUTHOR : nai

RELEASE DATE : 26 Nov 2022


PAGE : 359 P.   SIZE : 179 MB.

UPDATE : 26 Nov 2022



~4.83 Stars / 18 PEOPLES


Editor talk …a long absence for ‘Nai’ missing for nothing. I'm looking for a design that really catches my eye. Actually, there are many people in their hands. But still not ready for many things, causing the shooting to be postponed indefinitely Until one day, I had a chance to meet 'Win', a young man with a tee face. and in a good mood So try to ask to ask for a photo shoot. Because looking at the stem unit, I thought that I would get a beautiful picture. from this young man for sure ..after having a conversation Including the theme that we will shoot. This book is said to be 'spicier' than every book of 'Nai' that has ever been photographed for sure. At first, I didn't think it would be so hard to shoot. Although Win's figure is very spicy but in order to return profits to the fans And it's a New Year's book, so I arrange it in a spicy way. One book in the style of 'Nai', which Win himself was full as well. …Talking about the shooting date, it can almost be called a fire. because after everything fits Hurry up to make an appointment to check the place. My head is spinning. but until the drought, everything went well Although the shooting date has some obstacles. For example, the shooting location was not as expected, the sudden rain made it difficult to find the light to take pictures. …but this work has to be thanked to ‘Win’ who is fully committed to this work. Although I have been through some sexy photo shoots. But if counting photobooks This is considered the first job of this young man. He looked very excited. But they cooperate very well, including the team members, even if they are rough. but it went well …and for 'Nai', this 4th edition, is the end of the year 65 that is about to pass, hope that many people will like this work. What can you comment on? I'm happy and willing to listen to opinions!!! …Happy New Year!!!…