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Nai Issue 7(Ebook + Video)

Exclusive Behind the scenes+ Exclusive Behind the scenes (23.02)


PUBLISHER : Euphorbia

AUTHOR : nai

RELEASE DATE : 9 May 2023

MODEL : Platoo

PAGE : 383 P.   SIZE : 196 MB.

UPDATE : 12 Jul 2023



~4.53 Stars / 15 PEOPLES


…hope to be no less impressed with 'Nai' issue 6 with 3 models that 'Nai' is very proud to present and arrive in issue 7 as well. And it really is. Because in this issue, 'Nai' got 'Mackerel', a young man with a good mood, good smile, and his name is not light!!! …after talking and test preliminary photos This work is counting the days to wait in order to start working together. But let me tell you that this work is not as pork as you think. Because the shooting schedule of 'Pla Mackerel' and the team do not match much. Always clashing with each other Until I myself, who is a worker, starts to feel tired. and began to think what to do …but like the sky is my heart Because while talking I asked the queue for fun. when there will be a free day, which 'mackerel' says there are available If I can make an appointment, I can make an appointment. That's all, I hurriedly rechecked the team's queue, some people got it, some people couldn't, but with the desire to get 'mackerel' to join as the original capital. Therefore, in conclusion, knock on the holiday that I have come to make a photo shoot like a lightning bolt!!! …and let me tell you that the hurdle is not over yet. Because on the day of filming the weather was very unpleasant. But with the desire to make the work come out well The team fought to the death with the increasing heat of the sun and the 'mackerel' itself was full. Plus, it's full without a hood. Even though he is a new model but not many jobs But it's completely full for 'Nai' …Believe that friends who have this issue of 'Nai' in their hands will see the efforts of the team. and a new model who is very energetic with this photo shoot no matter Plus, he kept asking me during the photoshoot, “Can I take pictures? Is there anything else you want to add? You can tell me.” I came across these words. The team was quite happy. Complete selection to make it beautiful. Let's get together. It's called not letting each scene pass easily for sure. …Hopefully this 'Nai' will be another book that everyone is impressed with. and provide support like every previous book Lastly, the 'Nai' team sincerely asks you to upload the works that are valid according to the copyright. Including never publishing the work of 'Nai' outside. In order for the team to produce good quality work, there are new handsome men constantly introduced to each other. …next time we'll turn up the heat even more!