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PEAK 12 (ebook + Video)

Exclusive Behind the scenes+ Exclusive Behind the scenes (23.25)


PUBLISHER : Thebookteam2562

AUTHOR : Thebookteam2562

RELEASE DATE : 22 May 2024


PAGE : 207 P.   SIZE : 172 MB.

UPDATE : 22 May 2024



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...First of all, I would like to thank you for the overwhelming response to Peak Vol.11. I sincerely thank you for this work. I promise that I will try to produce quality work like this again and again. ...Coming to Peak Vol.12, this time we have 'Mark', a young Thai man with dark skin. At this event, it was really difficult to persuade them to become a model. Because of my own work schedule And the younger ones don't quite match up. And when the queue to get it was pushed, there was another reason for having to miss each other. Because my younger sister is addicted to Vokit. From being the model in issue 11, it happened to be the model in issue 12, our anniversary volume. This event is something for Mark to do for the Peak fans in a serious way. Let's make them full. This event, I hope that everyone People who have followed this issue of Peak will definitely like it. Because Mark made it so awesome, really thrilling!!! ...Finally, I would like to encourage you to download works that are copyrighted. And strictly do not distribute our work outside. So that the team can produce good work. Let's leave the book fans to continue to follow.